We help digital talents to be gainfully employed through upskilling and jobs.


What is Devance Academy?

Devance Academy is a community-centric academy that provides upskilling and employment programs to digital talents.

Our mission is to empower local talents to be gainfully employed while helping them develop world-class technology skill sets to compete globally.

Why Devance Academy?


We co-create various coaching programs with industrial experts and tech leaders to help digital talents up-skill and learn by doing.


We are dedicated to growing a community of local talents to compete globally. Our coaches and mentors will always be around to provide guidance and support.


We offer our talents access to real-world project opportunities to earn additional income while gaining diverse project experiences to grow their professional portfolios.

Our Courses

1-month coaching program focus on soft skills, technical skills and real world project experience. Fast track interview with top tech companies.

8-weeks bootcamp to upskill aspiring developers who wish to participate in the fast-growing ecosystem of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology.

Hear From Our Alumni