Upskill and get hired by the best tech companies – right after university.

And secure a tech job by the end of the program (1 month), with our help and connection.

Upcoming cohort start date: TBC

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As you know, to be able to work at better companies and negotiate a bigger salary – there are some skillsets you need to master, like:

– Working in existing large codebases 🛠️

– How to write maintainable code ✍️

– Communication skillsets as a programmer 🗣️ (The most crucial 👌.)

– Problem solving, debugging skill 🧩

– Basic technical skillsets like Data structures and algorithms 📊, HTML/CSS/JavaScript 💻, Source control (Git and GitHub) 📁 etc

And all this will be covered in Programmer Career Accelerator Program, a 30-days accelerator program – where actual CTOs, Tech Leads, Tech Developers will act as mentors to help you. 

The goal of the program is to get you hired in 30 days.

Here’s what you’ll get inside: 

  1. 20+ practical video lessons that cover programming concepts you’ll use at work. 🖥️
  2.  Short assignments to ensure you master each lesson. 📝
  3. Mentors to review your work and provide feedback. 👩‍🏫 
  4. 5 Live Q&A sessions with mentors – where you can get technical help or even ask for career advice. 💬
  5. Build a real-world project that will become part of your portfolio. 🛠️
  6. Resume and interview 1-to-1 review sessions with our team. 📑
  7. Our team will secure you an interview with a company you’re interested in working at. 💼 
  8. A Discord channel with like-minded tech talents to discuss and share opportunities. 💡

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You may visit our program landing page: Programmer Career Accelerator to learn more about this 1-month upskilling program. 

Computer Science students who recently graduated, or are currently in final semester at college or university are welcome to apply!

  • Basics and Passion in Programming
  • Basic Command of English Language
  • Computer with Stable Internet Access
  • Graduation threshold
    1. Complete all sessions and assignments
    2. Complete capstone project
  • Failing to graduate
    1. Missing or incomplete assignments
    2. Missing or incomplete project

The program is online self-paced learning with pre-recorded contents, you can attend from anywhere.

There will also be some live Q&A sessions with coaches, during the live sessions, you will meet and interact with our coaches live, and ask questions anytime. We will also provide other community channels for learning support such as a private Discord group.

A Certificate of Completion will be provided upon passing all of our evaluations within the graduation threshold for the program.

If you pass our technical assessment test, you will be arranged for interviews with our vetted employer partners for job interviews.

But don’t worry, if you didn’t pass the test in the first round, you are still able to join the PCA upskilling program. After completing the program and passing the reassessment, you will be arranged for interviews too!

You may click the WhatsApp button on below right of the page or email to [email protected]

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