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Need to secure a tech job – in 30 days?

The Junior Developer Survival Toolkit you purchased will help you understand how to ready yourself for a job. 

But to be able to work at better companies and negotiate a bigger salary – there are some skillsets you need to master, like:

– Working in existing large codebases. 

– How to write maintainable code.

– Communication skillsets as a programmer. (The most crucial.)

Problem solving, debugging skill

– Basic technical skillsets like Data structures and algorithms, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Source control (Git and GitHub) etc

They will be covered in Programmer Career Accelerator Program, a 30-days accelerator program – where actual tech developers will act as mentors to help you. 

The goal of the program is to get you hired in 30 days.

Here’s what you’ll get inside: 

  1. 15+ practical video lessons that covers programming concepts that you’ll use at work. 
  2. Short assignments to ensure you master each lesson. 
  3. Mentors to review your work and provide feedback. 
  4. 5 Live Q&A sessions with mentors – where you can get technical help or even ask for career advice. 
  5. Build a real-world project that will become part of your portfolio. 
  6. Resume and interview 1-to-1 review sessions with our team. 
  7. Our team will secure you an interview with a company you’re interested to work at.
  8. A Discord channel with like-minded tech talents to discuss and share opportunities.

Don't miss out this exclusive deal!

There is a commitment fee of RM499 to join Programmer Career Accelerator

But since you’ve purchased the toolkit, you can enrol in the program for just RM249 (50% off). Just click here to add PCA to your order – and we’ll enroll into the upcoming batch, starting on 1st June 2023.

This offer is valid only on this page. Programmer Accelerator Program is available at a RM499 commitment fee, outside.

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