Junior Programmer
Self - Assessment

How ready and employable are you in the tech industry?

Junior Programmer
Self - Assessment

How ready and employable are you in the tech industry?

fresh graduate

As a fresh grad are you experiencing any of these struggles?

I’m not sure what skills are important as a junior getting into this industry


I’m not sure if I’m good enough to be hired as junior programmer


I’m not sure how or where to find jobs suitable for me


I feel like I’m not skillful enough to be hired and I’m not sure how to prepare myself


I’m not sure what sort of experience I need to attract employer’s attention


and more…

We understand your feeling, and that's why we've prepared this self-assessment checklist!

With this self-assessment checklist, you can

Evaluate your readiness for a tech career

Learn whether you're well equipped with the right skills for a junior programmer role

Gain insightful recommendations on how to better prepare for a tech career


You may add the valid scoring point for each question and evaluate your readiness for a tech career against our results and recommendations table!

Junior Programmer Self Assessment

Preparation Stage

I have an online professional profile on LinkedIn that includes all of my past academic, job and project experiences
For my portfolio, I have organized all of my past coding projects for quick access to showcase my coding skills
I have a GitHub profile to track my past projects, and contributions to open source project
I have taken some voluntary or freelance coding jobs in the past 12 months
I have been proactively connecting, networking and engaging with like-minded people in the tech industry
I have been actively learning and improving my tech and programming knowledge by following tech blogs, news and communities

Skill expectations by employers

I am familiar and have basic confident about at least 1 programming language listed below: (each language +1 point, max 5 points)
I am familiar and have basic confident about at least 1 of the following technical concepts / skills / tools / platforms: (each skill +1 point, max 10 points)
According to my teammates / coursemates / colleagues, I'm good with the following soft skills: (each soft skill +1 point, max 5 points)

Job interview preparation

I have done sufficient research to understand the market demand and skills expectations for a junior programmer talent
I have browsed the job portals and take note about which companies are hiring junior programmer
I have assessed how my resume will align with skills and characteristics required for each advertised junior programmer roles
I know how to customize my resume to increase the chance of being shortlisted for further interview
I have started applying for relevant jobs to gain more interview opportunities
I have been active on LinkedIn and interact with job recruiters or hiring personnel who works in my interested companies
I have done sufficient research and learn about common interview process and tips at tech companies
I have familiarized myself with common interview questions and prepared my well-structured responses for it
I am familiar with common mistakes and red flags during interview and know how to avoid them
I have been proactively practising for interviews or join mock interviews

Results and Recommendations

86 and above

Wow! You have an impressive profile there! You’re definitely ready to get hired.
We have a large network of employer partners who are keen to hire someone like yourself with attractive salary.
Drop us a note, our career advisor will guide you on planning your career path!

60 to 85

Hey, we like your confidence! You surely have put a lot of efforts into preparing for your career, kudos to you!
Could you identify which area of skills you would wish to develop further? Do you need our help to advise and introduce you to our network of coaches and mentors?
Would you like to meet like-minded peers who are motivated to pursue software engineering career?
We are building a community of digital talents that’s dedicated for your personal and professional growth, come join us!

30 to 59

Good start! You fare reasonably well in several areas as a potential candidate in software engineering roles.
However, many candidates in the job market are similar as you in the eyes of employers.
We encourage you to build more projects to showcase your skills, and work on improving your soft skills to demonstrate your qualities more effectively.
Join our program, our coaches will guide you on that!

29 and below

Seems like there are many areas that require further actions to improve your overall job readiness.
Most likely you will struggle while you’re looking for a job in software engineering roles.
Don’t worry, we urge you to reach out to our career consultants for further advice immediately. Let us support

What can you do next?

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